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We offer various services in all levels, from beginner, intermediate to advanced. We also provide various forms and methods of language training, from private tutoring to group lessons. Prices vary based on the course’s or service’s period length and scale.


Our Services

Website and Document Translation and Localization


Subtitling and Audiovisual Translation

Copywriting, Editing, and Proofreading


Private and In-Company, Language Training

Learn From Home

Online Class Offerings

We recognize the strong demand for and the importance of business English in the workplace and for professionals. Via Dolorosa Language Services is here to answer these challenges.


Classes Format


Personal Feedback

Your learning progress is our priority, therefore we strive to deliver high-quality learning experience and provide individual personal feedback with recommendations on how you could better improve your English skills.



You will be given the freedom to select the day, time, and topic based on your preference. 



Classes are available seven days a week, from morning till evening. But, you can choose the lesson day and time that best suits your schedule.

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