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Frequently Asked

What does Via Dolorosa Language Service provide?

Of course we will do more than just translate words in software, documents, or your website. We will adjust the style of language that is in harmony with our  uniqueness and your desires. We will take whatever file format you provide to us and return the translated version for each target language in the same format. It should not be necessary for you to copy and paste text between other formats so we can work with it.

Via Dolorosa Language Services will do whatever is needed to provide a fully localized product, document or website that you can release internationally. Or, we can do translations and you can take care of the rest. We are totally flexible.

What does Via Dolorosa Language support?

Tell us what you need and we will handle it. Or, tell us where your users are and we can help you know what languages ​​and variants are appropriate.

We can also adjust the language style according to your request, which will be combined with the uniqueness and capabilities of our translator. We are very open for discussion.

What language does Via Dolorosa Language Service support?

Currently, there are five languages ​​that are most often asked for in translation projects, namely language, English, Mandarin, German, and French. However, we also do not cover the needs of other languages ​​and find the best translator for you.

We are open on any occasion, without reducing the essence of our professionalism.

How much does the translation cost?

Because costs can very significantly from one project to another, Via Dolorosa Language Services has standard rates  based on your needs. We usually provide prices based on per project, making customized proposals for each request, based on an analysis of customer localization needs.

Please use the “Get In Touch” form below to submit your file and we will be happy to provide a free proposal and adjust the price for your project.


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